Doctor Sleep review

Other than those slightly awkward “nudge nudge” moments I felt like this was a great Stephen King movie.

I’ve never read the book so I can’t say one way or the other if it’s a great adaptation but as a movie it certainly has that particular “King” vibe. My favorite aspects of the film were when the story moved away from “The Shining” and moved it into new territory, expanding on what the actual concept of “Shining” is.

As far as creepiness goes I felt it was wonderful and some of the acting was truly great. My favorite perhaps being Rose the Hat played by Rebecca Ferguson. She was simultaneously seductive and abhorrent, and she played the role of “this is just the way it is” in an absolutely predatory fashion. Despite her evil intentions I just wanted more of her and to understand her machinations more.

Once again the elements that took me out of the film were the direct Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” references, the “nudge nudge” if you will.

I think they tried their best to make everyone happy with some fan service and it was just a bit too on the nose for me. There was one moment where Ewan McGregor turns to the camera and all I could think was “don’t you dare wink at us right now.”

Everything else from score to cinematography is established to have the look and tone of “The Shining” and I feel like they did the absolute best they could. There’s a part of me that loved that aspect of it and there was another that just wished it struck out on its own path even more.

Either way I want more horror like this, I recommend it for sure.

Shine on ya’ll, Shine on.