“The Outsider” begins

I’m loving this show so far, it sets such a creepy tone. I know that for a time Ben Mendelsohn was considered to play Pennywise in an adaptation of Stephen King’s “IT”, also a fair amount of the script in “IT: Part 1” was written by Cary Fukunaga who directed the whole first season of “True Detective”. I know that these first two episodes of “The Outsider” are directed by Jason Bateman and written by Richard Price but I can’t help but wonder what could’ve been with this sort of take on one of King’s greatest works with Mendelsohn as Pennywise and Fukunaga at the helm. Either way, “IT” being my favorite King book and this show putting me in that super creepy headspace is something I’m excited about. I haven’t read “The Outsider” yet and I’ll be sure to when this series wraps up. For those of you that have read it, what do you think of this series so far?