KOALA donation!

So 2020 has been a bit of a year so far huh?

I have another painting I’m waiting to share since it’s a surprise for someone else but it looks like this is going to be the first one I post in 2020.

Many of my artist friends have beat me to it and created their own wonderful Koala themed artwork to try and help out with the fires in Australia. So here is my contribution.

This piece will cost $220 with free shipping within the United States. 100% of that will be donated to ( WIRES – Emergency Fund for Wildlife )

Also in the comments below I’ll be posting a link to my REDBUBBLE account in which I’m selling an “artJWB Koala” design. Any artist profits I make from those sales I will donate to Country Fire Authority (CFA) in Victoria.

I’m more than happy to post a video or image for you confirming my donations from REDBUBBLE sales as soon as they pay out to their artists. If you post/confirm your own donation of $220 to either of these fundraisers I’ll get your address and ship this “KOALA” painting to you ASAP!

I’m currently trying to get by as an artist, I’ve basically been working as an independent contractor since arriving here in Fort Collins. I do art as much as I can and pick up other work on the side where I can find it. That makes it so I can only do so much to churn out work that I donate 100% of the profits. I’ll spare you my soapbox because I think most if not all of you know how I feel about the environment and how humanity has treated it. Most if not all of you know how I feel about other major issues that have dominated the news since the year began. It’s very hard for me to find that balance between making sure I live my life in a joyous and honest way while simultaneously watching so much tragedy unfold around me. As of right now I figure this is the least I can do, when I can find the time, I’ll continue to try and find ways to help out, even if it’s just a tiny scratch on the surface of it all.