My second art book arrived this last week.

“SUPER EGO SKYLARK”, a collection of all the paintings I did in 2020 along with some additional thoughts.

They are a bit pricey so keep that in mind but if you decide to pick one up certainly let me know, it’s always

wonderful knowing the work is getting out there.


We’re almost 2 days away from Trump being out of the White House for good and I tell you a can’t wait for that.

Other than waiting for some sort of absurd display of defiance by the “Proud Boys” or something similar it’s been

a pretty casual week.  I helped some friends out with some work this week starting on Monday and the back and

forth about the Insurrection at the capital was very depressing.  One person in particular was convinced that it had

to be all Antifa people and they couldn’t possibly be Trump supporters.  Many minds were boggled.


Episode 19 of “The Jacob Wayne Show” is going to be up tomorrow at 6:00 AM MST.  be sure to write us at [email protected]

if you have any topics you’d like us to discuss or there’s any thoughts or ideas you’d like to share about the show.

the 2021 logo for "The Jacob Wayne Show"


It’s no secret for those that know me but January is my least favorite month of every year.  It truly is the Monday of Months.

A whole hell of a lot of nothing is going on.  I’m still working my way slowly through a musical mushroom forest which will be

sweet when it’s finished but it’s certainly not a quick piece to complete.


Wish you all the best as we truly get rolling into 2021!