Jazz Forests and Mittens

What an interesting week.

The Inauguration finally happened!  And other than the poet laureate Amanda Gorman who was the true winner of the Inauguration.  Another person there that won the internet was good ol’ Grandpa Bern!

the image of him with his mask and mittens took the internet by meme storm and not long after Bernie Sanders put the image on a sweater on his site and sold them to raise funds for Meals on Wheels in Vermont.

I thought that was fantastic and a great way to take advantage of online memedom so I painted my own version of the image and any profits I make from it will go to Meals on Wheels here in Fort Collins.

If you click on the image below you can check out your print options and contribute to this cause if you see fit.

Mittens a painting by Jacob Wayne Bryner


I also completed the first painting of 2021, “Welcome to the Jazz, Forrest”.  This was a nice large commission that I received from my friend, business partner, bandmate, and co-conspirator Kelin Gibbons.

Welcome to the Jazz, Forrest a painting by Jacob Wayne Bryner

The first GAMMA PAW stickers arrived and they’re looking awesome.  If you’re interesting in representing the band swing into Fort Collins, Colorado and we’ll get you some free stickers, or order a piece of art from me and I’ll throw in some stickers for free!

The 2nd EP is almost completely recorded and then we’ll be getting ready for streaming soon, I can’t wait for ya’ll to hear it.

The GAMMA PAW Mask logo for the band GAMMA PAW

I spent the end of the week recording a film commentary “The Jacob Wayne Show” where we got into the Sci-fi film “Mission to Mars”.  As well as applying for some interesting art projects that I’ll stay quite about for the time being.

Last but not least,

“Here’s a size comparison of some recent art work as well as a chance to show of this sweet System of a Down hoodie that showed up after a long COVID shipping wait.

Proceeds from the sales of the “Artsakh merch collection” will be donated to Armenia Fund. So I get an awesome hoodie design and get to continue helping out Armenia from here in Fort Collins, even if it is just a little bit.
Long live Armenia ??
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Here’s to getting into the 2nd week of Biden and things getting a little bit brighter as 2021 gets rolling.