Catching up!

First things first, here is the latest episode of “THE JACOB WAYNE SHOW”

On this episode: Our July 4th Limpdependence day extravaganza! We talk movies, and our usual weird news. then move on to what we would and wouldn’t change about America, and then its trivia time! Of course its also a drinking game. Remember to send in any comments, suggestions, or questions to f[email protected]! Like, Subscribe, and Share with your friends!

Here is the newest painting!  A portrait of the doggo named “Bruiser”

Bruiser original dog painting by Jacob Wayne Bryner ARTJWB in Colorado

This months 9 Signed (or unsigned if you like) prints are of my portrait of “Anthony Bourdain” at 11”x17”$15 each and free shipping in the continental U.S.You can also combine this and another print that I still have available for $25.Let me know if you’re interested! (EDIT: 4 TONYS LEFT)

Anthony Bourdain original tribute portrait painting by Jacob Wayne Bryner ARTJWB in Colorado
“Anthony Bourdain” prints