“Deception Pass ii” Fabric Design

This is the most popular of 3 fabric designs I’ve created from my painting “Deception Pass ii”.  I’ve been making this to add to my various print sites I use such as, REDBUBBLE.com, fineartamerica.com, and spoonflower.com.

My hope is to get some ALL-OVER prints ready to sell such as hoodies, tees, etc…  Similar to some products on REDBUBBLE.  I’m also looking into various fabric print sites and starting with Spoonflower.com to make these patterns available for fabric rolls and wall paper.

I’m hoping I can hook up with some fashion forward artists that would be interesting in using the fabric in order to create some awesome pieces of clothing!

If you’re one of these fashion forward folks contact me and perhaps we can figure out a project to work on!