artJWB on Patreon

So! I’ve officially launched my Patreon, I’m getting it rolling after a suggestion by a lovely friend and collector of mine. Anticipate other tiers, treats, and trinkets as I learn how to navigate this site and figure out how to best implement it’s various options and tools.

I currently only have 1 tier, a $5 a month subscription for basic membership. It’s a “General Support” tier. So even though it’s not officially part of the tier yet (still figuring that out) What I’m thinking is after a year of membership I’ll send a lovely care package to you. Mugs? Shirts? Prints? Let me know what you would like to see in a package like that and then I can start figuring out various levels of fun artJWB packages that are worthwhile to ya’ll.

For now the $5 a month membership is purely if you’re wanting to support me but don’t necessarily have a main piece to get or commission in mind. Essentially I’m trying to get to a consistent $1000 safety net in my bank and then I can start expanding what I do beyond random paintings and waiting for commissions to come in.

Think of it as taking your ol’ boy Jacob Wayne out for a beer or coffee each month!

I’m excited to grow this page and see if it can lead to bigger and better artJWB projects in the future!