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Catching up!

Well, once again I’ve sucked at keeping this page updated so I won’t bother backlogging a bunch of pet portraits. There has been at least one interesting new piece that I’ll have up soon but while I’m getting that in order catch up with “The Jacob Wayne Show”, recently Michael Valentine and I shared our Top 10 Halloween Movies. Check em out!

“Deception Pass ii” Fabric Design

This is the most popular of 3 fabric designs I’ve created from my painting “Deception Pass ii”.  I’ve been making this to add to my various print sites I use such as,,, and

My hope is to get some ALL-OVER prints ready to sell such as hoodies, tees, etc…  Similar to some products on REDBUBBLE.  I’m also looking into various fabric print sites and starting with to make these patterns available for fabric rolls and wall paper.

I’m hoping I can hook up with some fashion forward artists that would be interesting in using the fabric in order to create some awesome pieces of clothing!

If you’re one of these fashion forward folks contact me and perhaps we can figure out a project to work on!



Catching up!

First things first, here is the latest episode of “THE JACOB WAYNE SHOW”

On this episode: Our July 4th Limpdependence day extravaganza! We talk movies, and our usual weird news. then move on to what we would and wouldn’t change about America, and then its trivia time! Of course its also a drinking game. Remember to send in any comments, suggestions, or questions to [email protected]! Like, Subscribe, and Share with your friends!

Here is the newest painting!  A portrait of the doggo named “Bruiser”

Bruiser original dog painting by Jacob Wayne Bryner ARTJWB in Colorado

This months 9 Signed (or unsigned if you like) prints are of my portrait of “Anthony Bourdain” at 11”x17”$15 each and free shipping in the continental U.S.You can also combine this and another print that I still have available for $25.Let me know if you’re interested! (EDIT: 4 TONYS LEFT)

Anthony Bourdain original tribute portrait painting by Jacob Wayne Bryner ARTJWB in Colorado
“Anthony Bourdain” prints


Here is the first track from our forthcoming EP, “TH33P”. This is one of our oldest songs that we’ve finally put together for this particular release. We can’t wait for you to hear the rest of “TH33P” which essentially operates as part 3 of our EP Trilogy. Thank you for you’re continued support of our art!This track will be showing up on itunes and Spotify within the next few days. If you’re into this track and what we’re doing with GAMMA PAW give this track a purchase on BANDCAMP or wait for the full release!



A painting of San the cat, named “San”

Commissions are always open for pet portraits.

$200 + shipping for a 16″x20″ canvas in the style you see here.

All I need is a good source photo!  Feel free to message me if you are interested or you’re interested in a slightly more elaborate commission.