I thought I had to wait to reveal this but I guess I didn’t! So enjoy this fun piece I was commissioned to do. I’ll leave it that for now.

“Anthony Bourdain” tribute piece SOLD

It’s bitter sweet to be saying goodbye to this painting. It’s been an awesome piece to have in the kitchen. Feeling like Tony is watching over us as we try out various recipes while listening to music and tossing a few back. I’m super happy it’s going to an awesome new home though. It was supposed to be sold almost a year ago but the sale never worked out unfortunately due to the ol’ Pandy. So I got a solid year to chill with it on the walls.
Thanks for everything Tony!

“YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT” Prints and Products

This is now up on my print sites.
This is a particular piece that seems to look pretty snazzy on a lot of the REDBUBBLE products.
I’m going to be getting an order of the poster prints to sign that are the usual $15 or 2 for $25 if you snag another print and I’ll also be posting a link to a shirt design from this piece that will be up on my store. –
A line dress YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT by Jacob Wayne Bryner artJWB YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT art print by Jacob Wayne Bryner artJWB tall mug YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT by Jacob Wayne Bryner artJWB duffle bag YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT by Jacob Wayne Bryner artJWB


This is my newest piece, entitled “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT”, acrylic on a 16″x20″ stretched canvas.

I’ll be selling the original for $300 with free shipping in the continental United States.

The origins of this painting comes from one faded night I drew the foundations of an abstract “futurism” inspired concept by watching one of my favorite internet programs.

I was simply drawing what I saw as the video played and was barely looking at where my hand was at on the canvas.

I wasn’t sure what to do with it for a moment until I became a huge fan of Jose Andres.

I then decided to model the different color blocks after the interior of various fruits.

Any reasonably large art print purchases of this piece I will donate 20% of my profits to “World Central Kitchen” which was started by Jose Andres.

Also here is a fun little contest.  If you can guess what I was watching and drawing that set the foundations of this piece, I will send you a free art poster print of this painting (as long as you are living within the Continental United States)

Be sure to go to contacts on this page and let me know what your guess is!

Holy wow!

Holy wow!  It’s been a minute.

Not so sure why I get so distracted by posting on other social media and then I don’t post here.

Once again I’m here trying to correct that and get back in the habit.  So life has been busy with

GAMMA PAW activity.  As of right now all the bass and my vocals are recorded for our 3rd EP.

There’s a chance we’ll go back in and retake some stuff if it ends up not clicking with the whole recording

but either way it’s great to have that done and taken care of.  Now while Shockey works on his vocals and

guitar I can turn my focus towards some “Cloud Faculty” and “Fa Koshka” things.  Things are moving quickly

so hopefully there is a GAMMA PAW release soon and some things to announce on those other fronts.



Here is two pet portraits that have gotten done over the last little bit, Painting has slowed down since I’ve

been working on pen and ink stuff and setting up my print operations.  I’ll also repost what I’m changing about

pet portraits in 2022

Miles River

“So I mentioned this in some other spots but I suppose I’ll make the announcement on my social media accounts.

in 2022 I’m going to be upping my Pet Portrait prices to $300 with free shipping in the continental United States.

I’ve had some recent commissions where they were asking me why I wasn’t charging more.

Obviously as things roll along and I get more skilled at my craft and prices for other things inflate around me it’s wise to hike prices a bit every now and again.

I try to be fair and reasonably priced so this seemed like a reasonable adjustment with a time frame for those of you that are only comfortable with $200 + shipping to snag a portrait before the change.
There will still be some originals I produce that will be $200 but that’s about as low as it’s going to get from 2022 going forward. This is one reason I’m trying to expand prints, shirts, artbooks, etc…
I love spreading my work around the globe and there will still be sales and deals here and there.
I’ve been so lucky to be able to say I’m a working artist and I can only say that because of all ya’ll’s wonderful support.
I strive to get better and better at what I do and hopefully these adjustments reflect that.
Thank you so much for supporting #artJWB

And here is the most recent “The Jacob Wayne Show” for your ear holes.


EPs, Podcasts, and Football oh my!

What a crazy week. It started off with us mixing and mastering our 2nd release as GAMMA PAW


We decided to keep it exclusively at BANDCAMP for just a little over a week.  That way people that support

our music endeavors have an opportunity to show their support for our project.

Then, soon enough, the EP will be up on all the usual streaming services, we rehearse for a little bit and maybe throw a video together,

and then we get to work on the 3rd EP.

We had another solid episode of “The Jacob Wayne Show”

And we enjoyed the Super Bowl on Sunday while watching “Two Bears, One Sapp” as well as playing Star Wars “Monopoly”

As stated above we’ll be taking on some rehearsals and I’ll also be dipping my brush and getting back to work on painting after a bit of a “different work” break.